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1. I stream my online casino gameplay on @dgbetz
2. You sign up for the gleam giveaway
3. I giveaway EVERYTHING we win during the stream
Stream dateTotal wonVideoWin distribution
29.02.20230.0021126 BTCn/a
14.03.20240.0039139 BTCyoutube.com
21.03.20240.0007847 BTCyoutube.com
28.03.20240.0026137 BTCyoutube.com
This must be a scam, right?

Totally, but it’s already too late for you. You’ve been entangled by my irresistible video and there is nothing else for you but to watch every single live stream I post from now on.

For real though, where is the hook?

Ultimately I want you to subscribe to my youtube channel where I stream slots, blackjack, roulette and other casino games. I usually give all the winnings away at the end. I like playing with others and when you (the viewer) have a stake in the game it’s more exciting for both me and you.

Can everyone join?

As long as you’re over 21 you’re good to join no matter where you live.

What time exactly is the stream?

Hard to say, join the telegram channel and I will post 30 minutes before I go live.

How will you send the money?


How do I join?

Simply fill in a few details in the gleam giveaway. Here is a direct link. During the stream I will choose the winners right on the screen and immediately send the money to them in BTC.