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1. I stream my gameplay on @dgbetz
2. You sign up for the giveaway
3. I giveaway EVERYTHING we win during the stream

Previous Streams

1hello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 04:23 PMhello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 04:23 PM29/02/20240.0021126 BTC
2hello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 04:24 PMhello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 04:24 PM14/03/20240.0039139 BTC
3hello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:02 PMhello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:02 PM21/03/20240.0007847 BTC
4hello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:02 PMhello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:02 PM28/03/20240.0026137 BTC
5hello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:03 PMhello@optimizexl.com21/06/2024 05:03 PM04/04/20240.0022401 BTC
6hello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:33 PMhello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:33 PM18/04/20240.0028322 BTC
7hello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:33 PMhello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:33 PM
8hello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:34 PMhello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:34 PM02/05/20240.0173260 BTC
9hello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:35 PMhello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:35 PM06/05/2024none
10hello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:36 PMhello@optimizexl.com23/06/2024 05:36 PM08/05/20240.0010516 BTC

Next stream


When the stream is live you can join it by clicking on the video below, you can click ‘Notify Me’ button to make sure you don’t miss it (Youtube will send you a notification when I’m live)

On each stream I do a giveaway, you can sign up by filling in the form on the top of the page. In the giveway widget there is a ‘SECRET CODE’ field, that is the code that I share DURING the live stream as a thank you to everyone that joined the stream. The code gives you 10 extra entries in the giveaway which boosts your chances considerably.

This must be a scam, right?

If you’re scared that filling in the giveaway form will somehow lead to me luring you into my black windowless van with a tear-stained mattress in the back and you waking up next morning with a headache and two nasty scars close to where your kidneys used to be.. well, I can’t say your fears are completely unfounded. In the end of the day, I mentioned words like casino, cryptocurrency and offered to give you some money basically for free, you should be concerned.

The thing is, you can join the next stream of mine withouth signing up for anything, judge my character live, chat with the other people in commmunity on the live chat, you can make the decision then, you can even ask me some questions on the live chat during the stream and I will probably reply to you live.

For real though, where is the hook?

Ultimately I want you to subscribe to my youtube channel where I stream slots, blackjack, roulette and other casino games. I usually give all the winnings away at the end. I like playing with others and when you (the viewer) have a stake in the game it’s more exciting for both me and you.

Can everyone join?

As long as you’re over 21 you’re good to join no matter where you live.

What time exactly is the stream?

Hard to say, join the telegram channel and I will post 10 minutes before I go live.

How will you send the money?

I distribute rewards in BTC, it’s not the perfect crypto to do it I know. It’s the most widely adopted though. I ran a poll on the TG channel few stream ago and majority of you prefered to stay with BTC instead of altcoins like XRP or DOGE.

Where are the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway?

You can find the terms over here, chat rules over here and the contact info over here.

How do I join?

Simply fill in a few details in the gleam giveaway on the top of the page. During the stream I will choose the winners right on the screen and immediately send the money to them in BTC.