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Chat Rules

1.Be respectful
This means no mean, rude, or harassing comments. We might all be degens but treat others the way you want to be treated.

2.No spamming
Do not send a lot of small messages right after each other. These disrupt chat and make it hard to scroll through the server.

3.No advertisements
No invasive advertising, whether it be for casinos, bookies, affiliate links or bonus codes, other streams, videos. Immediate ban.

4.Don’t share your personal information
Do not share your personal information or the personal information of other users without their consent. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and any other sensitive information.

5.Do not impersonate other users, staff members, or any other individuals or organizations
This includes using similar usernames, profile pictures, or display names.

6.No self-destructive behavior or encouragement of self-harm
Do not encourage, glorify, or engage in self-destructive behavior or self-harm. This includes sharing graphic content related to self-harm or discussing personal experiences in a way that may trigger others.

7.No soliciting or begging for money, items, or services
Do not solicit or beg for money, items, or services from other users. Immediate ban.

8.No blackmail, threats, or harassment
Do not engage in blackmail, threats, or harassment of any kind, whether in public or private messages.

9.Do not evade bans or mutes
If you have been banned or muted, do not attempt to evade the punishment by creating alternate accounts or otherwise circumventing the restrictions.