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I stream 🎰 casino games, you get the 💰 winnings!

16th DGBetz Stream

Past streams

Stream dateTotal wonVideoWin distribution
29.02.20230.0021126 BTCn/a
14.03.20240.0039139 BTCyoutube.com
21.03.20240.0007847 BTCyoutube.com
28.03.20240.0026137 BTCyoutube.com
04.04.20240.0022401 BTCyoutube.com
18.04.20240.0028322 BTCyoutube.com
02.05.20240.0173260 (stream) (giveaway)
06.05.2024bust 💩$1,000 chase – unsuccessful
08.05.20240.0010516 (stream) (giveaway)
15,05.20240.00155 BTCkick.com
22.05.20240.00141 BTCkick.com
29.05.20240.0015 BTCkick.com
31.05.2024bust 💩$1,000 chase – unsuccessful
10.06.20240.0014 BTCkick.com
19.06.20240.001471 BTCyoutube.com
20.06.20240.0182749 BTCyoutube.com
winning bet:

Upcoming streams

Stream dateThemeTime limitRules
16:00 GMT+2
Casino1h 30mStarting budget – $100
Total win up to $1,000 – 10 winners
Total win up to $10,000 – 100 winners
Total win over $10,000 – 250 winners
No win – $100 divided by 10 winners

Next stream


Starting budget for the next session



Why are you doing this?

I believe gambling should be done purely for fun. That’s why whenever I make a deposit at a casino I say goodbye to the money beforehand. 💸 That lets me enjoy the ride regardless of me losing or winning. On top of that, giving the money away and seeing how excited everyone at the stream is together with me gives me a fuzzy warm feeling ❤️

BTW. at this site I occasionally recommend a certain casino or a bonus. If you sign up to a casino with the intention of improving your financial situation, please reconsider. Gambling is not a way to make money!

What if I don’t have Telegram?

Open one buttercup. It’s really easy.

How to receive BTC?

If you don’t have a BTC wallet yet there is plenty of options for you. You can simply google ‘best bitcoin wallet’ and more than a dozen options will pop up. Some worth mentioning are Electrum (no iOS) and Atomic, you can also receive BTC in CashApp.

If you feel particularly degen you can enter your private BTC deposit address at your favorite crypto casino 😈 Check if the amount you will receive is over the minimum deposit amount! Otherwise money will be lost.

Is this a scam?

No… that’s what a scammer would probably say though 😅. I enjoy gambling, I enjoy making videos and streaming. As I said before, I think gambling should be done just for fun so it’s not a big deal for me to give my winnings away. To claim a stake in the giveaway you just need to login with telegram, click a link, enter a secret code and your BTC address. There is nothing more to it and you have nothing to lose participating.

How do you choose who will receive the money?

At the end of the session I will then use gleam to randomly pick the winners.

Total win up to $1,000 – 10 winners

Total win up to $10,000 – 100 winners

Total win over $10,000 – 250 winners

No win – $100 divided by 10 winners

When do you send the money?

I will try to complete all the transactions during the stream. There might be cases where I need to wait for the casino to process the withdrawal for longer than I intended to run the stream for. In that case I will keep everyone updated on the telegram channel.

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